As an Israeli diplomat and nation branding practitioner, I had as early as 2007, a vision to create a national Albert Einstein Museum. Now it is being launched after I introduced the vision to art collector Jose Mugrabi, who committed all needed resources and also commissioned famed architect Daniel Libeskind to design the museum. “Brand Einstein” is one of the most powerful brands in human history. It is associated with boundless creativity and humanism and its value proposition is a rare human quality: inspiration. Einstein inspires. But not too many people know that Albert Einstein is the de-facto “father of Israel’s academic prowess” and was actively involved in the establishment of the Hebrew University and Technion. He left his entire archive to the Hebrew University. More than 80K documents. Since 2007, when I became the head of Israel’s Brand Management, I have been looking for ways to link “Brand Einstein” with “Brand Israel” to celebrate creativity and innovation. Nothing really happened, despite my best efforts, until one fateful meeting in 2017 with my longstanding friend, famed art collector and philanthropist Jose Mugrabi, who committed all the resources to make the museum happen. We should be profoundly grateful to the Mugrabi family and the great people at the university and government that helped in realizing this dream.