R-SWIM is a service provided by Emerson Rigby Ltd.

It is a strategic methodology used to help institutions and individuals experience growth while minimizing risk in the process.

R-SWIM mostly pertains to project planning, execution and efficiency enhancement.

It is intended to specify the precise steps an enterprise must follow to grow in a healthy and steady fashion (AKA baby steps to success)

Users of the R-SWIM methodology often report that the tool is useful to identify their relative advantage, overall strategy, actionable, affordable and feasible business plan, execution oversight and measurement methodologies


is an easy-to-remember step-by-step tool-box that consists of the following elements:



Who are we?

This is the first and most fundamental step in the process: Identifying the turf



What is our story?

This is the heart of the process. Your strategy is your lens


Work Plan

How do we get there?

Your work plan must reflect your strategy and be informed by it at every stage.



How do we rollout?

Implementation is the process that converts your strategy and work plan into actions to achieve your goals.



How are we doing?

Predictive Analysis: Using statistics to examine and determine patterns in data. Involves big-data analysis.

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