Jul 30, 2015 at 5:00 am

Here is why you should be worried about the Iran nuclear deal: The agreement does not prevent Iran over time from threatening America and her allies with nuclear war. It does not permanently prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

But there’s more.

The most significant problem with this agreement, which is discussed far too little, is that it does nothing to address, much less curb, Iran’s expansionist, anti-Israel, anti-American motivations.

Every security expert will tell you that in order for your enemy to succeed, three preconditions have to exist: First, the enemy has to have the desire to attack; second, the enemy must have the capabilities to carry out the attack; finally, the enemy has to have the opportunity to attack.

While the Iran deal might temporarily delay the capabilities and opportunity parts of the equation, it does nothing about the most important element of the three: the very nature of its regime. An agreement that does not effectively address the root of the problem is incomplete at best, dangerous at worst.

Israel’s minister of defense, Moshe Yaalon, put it simply: “The international community looks at Iran as the solution; we see Iran as the problem.”

Iran’s ayatollah-led regime has been, by far, the biggest destabilizing force in the Middle East and the leading producer of state-sponsored terrorism in the world. It is not about democracy and freedom; it systematically suppresses the moderate, student-driven reform movement inside the country.

If anything, allowing the Iranian regime to walk away with a huge diplomatic achievement will further undermine those fighting for freedom and democracy in Iran — and cement the hostile strategies of the current rulers.

The mullahs’ goals are Islamic rule and regional domination. This is what they use the long and deadly arm of the Revolutionary Guard Corps in neighboring and nearby countries to attempt to obtain. And that meddling is utterly undisturbed by the nuclear deal.

This was sadly demonstrated by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s outrageous public statement, only days after the deal was reached, justifying “death to America” and vowing to continue to see the United States as Tehran’s enemy — despite the agreement, and perhaps more vigorously as a result of it.

The leaders of Iran have openly declared that they have no intention of stopping their war against the Western world. They have no intention to stop their brutal violation of human rights. They have no intention to stop the incitement against America and other free and open societies.

Iran is the only member state in the United Nations to formally seek the extinction of another member state. The nuclear deal doesn’t change that.

Even on the nuclear issue alone, this agreement is far too lenient. It allows Iran to restart a new and robust nuclear program in just a few short years. Soon, the Iranians will be allowed to stockpile an unlimited amount of highly enriched uranium with which they will be able to build an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons as well as ballistic missiles. Anyone who plans to live through the 2020s will see an Iran able to threaten America and her allies with these abilities.

The international community surrendered on several principles it had previously declared to be nonnegotiable: Under the agreement Iran will be allowed to continue to enrich uranium, maintain, operational centrifuges and stockpile nuclear materials. The list of concessions goes on and on and on.

But exacerbating these failures is the fact that the international community has essentially bolstered rather than challenged the core world-view of the expansionist, repressive, anti-Western, anti-American, anti-Israeli, Islamist regime.

All of which greatly increases the likelihood that when, a few years down the road, Iran obtains nuclear weapons, that regime will continue to be at the helm in Tehran.

(Photo credit: STR/AP)